July 8, 2007

Random Shots and Such (Now say that 3 times real fast ;0)!)
We had such a great time in Houston this past week. I was not ready to come back home yet, but unfortunately, time flies when you're having fun. Sean goes back to work tomorrow and Hattie has her 12 month check-up on Tuesday.

Here are just some random shots that we took last week in H-town that aren't exactly post worthy on their own, but I can't leave them out!

1.) My mom bought Hattie the CUTEST OUTFIT as one of her birthday presents.
2.) I didn't get tons of great shots at the children's museum because Hattie was moving like the energizer bunny, but it is THE COOLEST place for babies. They have a room that's for babies and toddlers, and Hattie and Luke LOVED exploring all of the neat toys and things they have. I can't wait to bring her back in August when her Aunt Lallie and Cousin Wendy come from Washington to visit! Here are a few cute shots that we did manage to capture:
3.) Sean and I had such a great time getting away for 2 nights. We slept in past 9 and took afternoon naps both days. Plus we got to see a lot of San Antonio that I haven't seen in years.
Thank you, Mimi! We needed that! I know Hattie had a lot of fun with you, too!

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The Jasters said...

Happy Birthday Miss Hattie! We had a great time at your party. I can't believe how grown up you are looking! We miss you and can't wait till we get to see you again!

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