July 10, 2007

12 Month Checkup

Hattie had her 12 month check-up this morning. She was quite the chatter-box for the doctor. All was well until the shots of course......4 shots this time. It was rough on her. Her weight was 20.4 lbs, so we can officially turn the carseat around, and her height was 28.5 inches - a shorty! Weight fell in the 40th percentile while height was in the 30th percentile. Doc said the bottle has to go "bye-bye." I know, I know. I'm dreading it, though. We gotta do it cold-turkey. Maybe this weekend. Hopefully it won't be as bad as I think it's gonna be.

Hattie also has her 5th tooth coming in. Her two new favorite words are "shoe" and "hi!" Last night I was singing to her before bedtime and one of the phrases in the song was, "On mountains high." When I sang this line, she lifted her head off my shoulder, smiled, and said, "Hi!" She makes me smile so much these days.

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Wisdom From the Pope

“The inalienable dignity of every human being and the rights which flow from that dignity - in the first place the right to life and the defense of life - are at the heart of the church's message." Pope John Paul ended his address, saying: "In spite of divisions among Christians, 'all those justified by faith through baptism are incorporated into Christ...brothers and sisters in the Lord.'" Pope John Paul 2