November 2, 2008

Seven Random Things About Stephanie

I got this idea from my brother, Walker, who wrote about his wife Missy on Its Almost Naptime.

By: Sean

1) Stephanie is a perfectionist. Or, in Spanish, a "perfectionista." She is also a rule follower. At Texas A&M I would generally skip about 30% of my classes. Stephanie would NEVER skip. She would even go to class on days when attendance was "optional." We eventually had a class together. An English lit. class. After much prodding I finally got her to skip a class with me. She was freaking out the entire time.

2) Stephanie is extremely frugal. She also worries about money a lot. At the end of the month, if our cash flow is a little low she gets real worried and starts buying "off-brand" cereal because she says that we can't afford brand name cereal. However, it doesn't last long because after payday she feels better about our financial situation and starts buying brand name cereal or, as I call it, "The Good Stuff."

3) Stephanie likes to cook and try new ambitious recipes. Last year she got very excited about a recipe for a 'pumpkin bread roll.' She bought all the ingredients. I remember thinking that it looked very hard but she was determined. She toiled in the kitchen for hours. Finally the finished product came out of the oven. It tasted OK but didn't look like the picture in the cook, she started another one. After about four attempts she gave up. We ate pumpkin "roll" (which was more like a giant mass) for weeks!

4) Stephanie is constantly wanting to paint things. She hates bare white walls. She also insists on painting furniture and interior doors. In our old home we ending painting our middle bedroom about six times. The plus side to this obsession is that she is now a very good house painter.

5) Stephanie insists on having the girls dressed nice whenever we go somewhere. Sometimes, we'll just be going to Target or something and I'll put Hattie in a t-shirt and shorts. If those clothes don't match perfectly, Stephanie will make me change her!

6) Stephanie is very affectionate. Like a little puppy. When we sit on the couch and watch t.v. she always wants to sit on the same couch and "cuddle".

7) Stephanie is mechanically inclined. Sometimes I'll be trying to fix the kitchen faucet. I'll be having trouble with some aspect of putting it back together and Stephanie will have an epiphany and say, "Oh, do it like this" and it usually works.


shalonda said...

love this! i dont know how we have never crossed paths, lol! i love her/you from this post already, heehee. i love that you tried to make that roll 4 times!

The Joiners said...

So I totally started reading "It's almost naptime" and I love that blog- I added it to my list of daily reads :) I had no idea you were actually related to the author :) After I read the post that the husband wrote last week, I asked Brian to do the same thing... and he told me he'd "get around to it eventually" - so sweet, right? :) But from reading Sean's comments, you and I are more alike than I realized!

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