November 3, 2008

Seven Random Things About Sean

When I saw that Sean had written 7 random things about me Sunday morning, I almost typed some explanations in the post to defend some of the things he put about me, but instead, I'll just reveal 7 random things about him :)!

1.) Our babies' cries do not affect Sean; in fact, he doesn't even notice them half the time. For instance, after Mary Ellen's 3 a.m. feed this morning (it's been awhile since she's slept through again :() I went back to bed and heard her fussing and stirring on the monitor. Every muscle in my body tensed up, and I layed awake for 30 minutes or so waiting and praying it didn't turn into full blown cries. Sean snored through the whole thing. He never even woke up from what I could tell. And when he does hear our babies crying, it doesn't bother him AT ALL. I don't understand this because it drives me INSANE to hear them cry.

2.) Sean has tons of confidence. He can get up in front of a group of people and talk without sweaty palms or a heart about to burst out of his chest, unlike me. He'll also much more easily give his opinion even if it's a controversial topic. He doesn't care if people like what he has to say or not; he knows what he thinks is always right - this is something I seriously admire about him, but it can be a bad thing when arguing with the man ;).

3.) On the flip side of his confidence, Sean can be pretty shy about some things, like asking a neighbor he doesn't know very well to borrow some milk. He will not, never ever, over his dead body, do something like this because he thinks it's awkward.

4.) Sean is kinda picky. But his pickiness is weird. Pretty much if he didn't try a food before 1995, he's not going to like it. He doesn't want to try it to see if he'll like it either. It's like he met his quota for the number of types of foods he'll eat back in high school, and that's that. There are exceptions, though. He didn't try guacamole until like 2003, and he loves it!

5.) This probably ties into his confidence level, but Sean is always optimistic about the Aggies. Every year, about a month before football season begins, I get to hear how this year is going to be different because of the players or the new coach, ect. He talks up how great the team is going to be. Then after the second or third loss, he starts making excuses about the young players or the new plays how it's gonna take a year to figure things out and that next year will be MUCH better. I'm not doggin' the Ags. I love 'em. I just think it's funny how Sean's Aggie football cup is always half full :)!

6.) Sean is as scared of bugs as I am. If we both see a roach crawl across the floor, we're killin' each other, trying to be the first one out of the room. If a bee flies in our path, he's pushin' me out of the way to run in the house. In all fairness, though, he is always the one to kill the bugs. I don't do that. If he's not home, I will put a bowl or shoe on top of the bug and leave it for him to take care of when he gets home. That's a man's job, but he HATES it, so I love him all the more when he does it.

7.) I'm gonna end on something nice.....I think it's so sweet how sensitive my husband is. He is the crier when we watch sappy, sad movies. He was way more teery eyed than me when we had our big ultra-sounds with both girls. I mean, I cry more than him on a day to day basis because I've got the plethra of hormones and all, but he's not afraid to show his emotions, and I'm thankful to have a man like that!

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Andrew said...

In college we shared a bathroom, and one day there was a roach -- at first I thought he was kidding, because he started freaking out and gagging like he was going to throw up.

Once I finally realized he was for real, I sprung into action and felt like a hero.

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