November 25, 2008


Sweet Amanda gave me the above award.

Here are the rules:
First I must list 5 things that I find fabulously addictive:

1.) COFFEE!!!! I use to not need a cup each morning. Two kids later, I need atleast 2 cups before my morning grouchiness starts to subside and the fog in my head begins to dissipate. I have found that getting up several times a night with a wee one can quickly kill the chipperness that a typical morning person feels at say 7 a.m.

2.) Sticking with caffine, I find Dr. Pepper to be fabulously addictive. I try to only drink it on occasion due to the high calories, but about once every couple of weeks or so I get a huge craving for a Dr. Pepper and must drink one, even if it's just a baby can; otherwise, I get a massive headache and that ain't fabulous.

3.) White noise - After having kids and hearing lots of squeaks and shifts in the night from them, I have to have white noise in the background when I sleep so that I only hear the serious cries and am not constantly awakened by sounds. I am so addicted to white noise while I sleep now that I don't think I could sleep without it, even if there were no kids in the house. I don't know how I slept with silence in the background for 25 years?!?!

4.) Domestic blogs. I am not super crafty at all, but I love all of the blogs that are out there that help moms with ideas for cheap decorating and give inexpensive, creative ideas. Two of my faves are this one and this one. I'm even going to try and do this idea when I decorate Hattie's big girl room!

5.) Locked Up Abroad - ever seen this show? I watched it for the first time with Sean last night. He's highly addicted to it, and I have to say that I am, too, now. It's totally interesting and fascinating.

Now I have to share the award with 5 other fabulous bloggers:
1.) Laurel because she's my sweet sister-in-law and posts about her beautiful daughter and life in the northwest.
2.) Missy because she's my other sweet sister-in-law who has an awesome blog and is a mama to 4 little cuties, ages 5 and under.
3.) Shalonda because she's Catholic, an Aggie, and has two beautiful girls and the sweetest personality.
4.) Akat because I just "met" her. She has a cute blog and is expecting her first baby this spring.
5.) Christie because she never blogs anymore, and this can be a start to getting back on track - as if you have time, I know ;), but she's an amazing friend and is expecting baby boy #2 in March, and I get to be his godmother :).

Hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday and a Happy Thanksgiving!!!


shalonda said...

hmmmm now just what am i going to write about, yet again we are the same person....i love DP, have slept with a white noise "fan" in my room since i can remember and was a morning person until my little un decided to live 4 months of her life with out sleeping through the night, lol

AKat said...

Thank you, Stephanie!! I feel honored. I'll be posting my responses soon. I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving with your sweet family!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I could just copy 2 of your's...

We were in Austin this wkend and only 2 fans could fit in the minivan. I put them in the kids' rooms because I thought, I'll be fine, I have my ear plugs in, right? Oh no. Slept awful. Missed it so much.

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