October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween from........

a pretty princess ballerina and a serious little kitty cat!

And at "school" yesterday, Hattie and her classmates celebrated Halloween a day early with an animal parade. Here's my little piggy after the parade.

It was entirely impossible to get a shot of all the "little animals." This is the best I got (or I should say the best another mommy got since I had a bad mommy moment and forgot my camera):

Now it'll be interesting tonight to see how H. does with trick-or-treating since she is in the fearful, everything is scary, stage. I'm sure the first kid in costume that we pass will be the end of our trick-or-treating jaunt!


Beth said...

Super cute! The pretty princess looks ALOT like her mommy in that picture!

Jamison said...

Loving the costumes!! You are a better mommy than me--I couldn't find a costume in Isaac's size and I just gave up with everything else that is going on. =)

Anonymous said...

Hattie looks like your twin in this pic.

shalonda said...

love that "serious" kitty, lol

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