October 29, 2008

All About Sean

I saw this on Amanda's blog and thought why not! I'm always blogging about the babies, so here's a little somethin' about the hubster, the one who makes it possible for me to be able to blog in the middle of the day whilst mi bebes nap!

All about Sean:

1. He is sitting in front of the TV, what is he watching?Football, a prison documentary, or some old 80s movie
2. You are out to eat, what kind of dressing does he get on his salad?
He usually goes for a Caesar salad but Ranch would be his dressing of choice on a regular salad.
3. What’s one food he doesn’t like?most vegetables
4. You go out to a bar, what does he order?
Vodka Cranberry
5. Where did he go to High School?Richland and Newton
6. What size shoe does he wear?um, not sure…….maybe 11?
7. If he were to collect anything, what would it be?books about Catholicism or books written by other Catholics (he already has a bit of a collection!)
8. What is his favorite sandwich?peanut butter with grape jelly on soft white bread, and he insisted that only his mother could make them for him until about 2 years ago (eye-rolling).
9. What would he eat every day if he could?He HAS to have coffee everyday. He would eat ice-cream every day if not for all the calories, I think.
10. What is his favorite cereal?Life or Frosted Mini Wheats
11. What would he never wear?
those skinny jeans that young guys are wearing now. He hates them.
12. What is his favorite sports team?AGGIES
13. Who will he vote for?
14. Who is his best friend?best guy friend – it’s a tie between his brother and Andy, I think.
15. What is something you do that he wishes you wouldn’t do?Without a doubt, it’s NAG him.
16. How many states has he lived in?3 – Kansas, Maine, Texas
17. What is his heritage?He’s a European mutt
18. You bake him a cake for his birthday, what kind of cake is it?
chocolate cake with white icing.
19. Did he play sports in high school?Nope. His parents wouldn’t let him play football, which he swears is the only mistake they made as parents (pretty nice, I think ). He played drums in the band, and (so you can get acquainted with his inner nerd) he still loves to watch marching bands on t.v.!
20. What could he spend hours doing?
What DOES he spend hours doing? Watching Aggie football or defending Catholicism in the blog-world.


The Joiners said...

No kidding... there's another husband out there that doesn't appreciate nagging? I thought mine was the only one- ha ha!

shalonda said...

cute post! geez i really think we should all meet sometime, i mean you cant go wrong with aggies and catholics right?! lol!

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