April 23, 2008


I absolutely love being a mommy, and I love the different stages of mommyhood that I am in the midst of right now.

I love being a mommy to a toddler!

I love how Hattie cracks me up on a daily basis with the funny things she says and does. Watching her little brain in motion, trying to come up with answers and reasons for things is such a delight! Her sense of humor is so much like mine.

I love how much she trusts me. She is at an age where she understands what I’m saying and never questions the answers or reasons I give her.

I love how curious and amazed she is of the world around her. Everything is new and exciting; everything is worth taking note of and experiencing fully.

I love how affectionate she is, always wanting a hug and freely giving me kisses. She is my cuddle-bug, and I hope that never changes.

I love how proud she makes me with the new things she does and says. Her verbal and mobile abilities are booming, and I am constantly swelling with pride when she does or says something new.

Being a mommy to a toddler is such a delight!


I also love being an expecting mommy!

I love the kicks and stretches that I feel throughout the day. This little girl in my belly constantly reminds me that she is with me. Sometimes the kicks are so strong that I burst out laughing. I’m already so proud of her. I already love her so much.

I love the hopes and dreams that fill my head of who this little girl will be. This little one gets only a fraction of my thoughts during the day because I’m so busy, but in the evenings, when it’s quiet and my world stills, she dances inside of me, and my hopes and curiosities of her dance around in my head.

I love having a round bulging belly. There I said it! It’s not too big yet, so it’s easy to love. I love that people notice my pregnancy now and easily strike up a conversation with me about it.

I love being such a vital part of God’s creation. I love that God made me a woman, so I can more fully experience the miracle of life. He uses my body to do His work. I love that.

What a wonderful season of motherhood I am in right now! It definitely has its difficulties and challenges, but my heart is so full. I often think, “Who am I, oh Lord, to be so blessed?”

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patjrsmom said...

What a lovely reflection. How wonderful that you appreciate these fleeting stages while you are still in their midst.

God Bless,

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