January 25, 2008

What a Week!

We made it through our first week with Gracen! She is such a doll - a really smiley baby and a good eater. Hattie is use to her now. The first two days she was here, Hattie walked around the house saying, "Mommy loves you," as if she needed to reassure herself. That just broke my heart. And she wants to sit in my lap when I am trying to feed the baby, but she is getting better with that. I just make sure to give her all of my attention when Gracen is sleeping - lots of hugs and kisses and cuddling - that's what she really needs right now.

On Tuesday I took Hattie and Gracen with me to Hattie's doctor's appointment. Gosh, it was so hard toting around 2 since I don't have a double stroller yet. But both girls did pretty well considering that it was rainy and cold, and Hattie had to get 2 shots :0(.

I also took them both to the grocery store with me this week as well. I don't usually go to Randalls, but the one near us has the little plastic cars for toddlers to "drive" at the front of the cart, and I thought that was my best bet to still have room for all of my groceries and both kiddos. The girls both did great. Luckily Gracen likes her carseat, and Hattie loves sitting in the little car and honking the horn.

While shopping at Randalls, a woman commented outloud to Hattie saying, "My goodness, you didn't get to be the baby for very long." Grrr. How rude! I mean really. I don't understand what gives her the right to comment about something like that. The nerve! I told her that I was just watching Gracen for some friends during the day, but what are people going to think as my belly expands, and I begin to look obviously pregnant!?!? I bet I get a TON of looks and comments then. None of which will be warranted, but that's the way our society is.......and that's all I'm gonna say about that.

Other than that we have stayed cooped up in the house, avoiding the wet and rainy weather. It's been a bit boring at times for Hattie, but man, my days fly by. If I'm not feeding one, then it's the other, and I'm constantly changing someone's diaper. But I love the way that Hattie is so sweet to Gracen, and I love the way that Gracen has her eyes on Hattie, tracking her around the room, the entire time. I hope these girls will get to grow up together, and it really makes me excited for when Button arrives.

The pictures I've posted are ones that I took of Hattie this week. Her new thing that I let her do to keep her busy is let her stand on a chair and play at the sink. She calls it "wash hands." She'll stand there for 30 minutes with a rag, a spoon, and my dish brush. It's great. When that novelty wears off, we'll have to find something else!

I also took some really cute pictures of the girls together, but I need clearance to post a pic of someone else's child on my blog, especially since they don't have a blog of their own, and I keep forgetting to ask the padres about that.

It's Friday!!!! Have a great weekend!


Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

"I'm constantly changing someone's diaper"

HAHA! Ok, I have to say it - Welcome to my life, sistah!!

Altho Eva Rose has pooped on the potty TWICE this week - praises to our glorious Father!! That's two less poops I had to clean!

Glad you are enjoying Miss Gracen! The other quote I think you need to include is what you told me this week: "It isn't so bad taking care of a newborn when you have slept the whole night before." And not carried it for 9 months AND birthed it too!


Kierstyn said...

I have several of the same friends as you, all from WPC. I've been to your blog a couple times, but just had to comment.

I had my first two kiddos 21months apart, and my second and third only 14 months apart. Yeah, the comments come a lot, and fast. My favorite is, "Wow, you must have your hands full!" You think?

Good luck with baby #2!

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