January 13, 2008

Some Pictures

We are back home from the wedding. It was beautiful and so fun to see friends that we don't get to see that much. Hattie did a fantastic job considering the long drive and staying up later than usual. She's napping now, hopefully catching up on some sleep, so I thought I'd post a few of my favorite pictures from the wedding.

This one's my favorite, so I'll post it first. My babe and my baby:

They had a chocolate fountain at the wedding with these big long pretzel sticks - a huge hit with Hattie as you can see by the chocolate on her face and the pretzel in her hand.

I learned something new about Hattie this weekend. She loves to dance, and she LOVES watching others dance. We let her roam around pretty freely at times since there were quite a few kids, and half the time she would go to the middle of the dance floor with all of the adults and watch them dance and dance along with them. At one point she even got on the floor like she was break-dancing. It was pretty funny. There were lots of great dancers at the wedding - so fun to watch!

The three of us. Not the best picture of me, but I have a good reason! I had to get ready in the hotel in the dark while Hattie napped. So all things considering, it turned out o.k., I guess. Sean sure did look handsome!

Well, better go unpack and relax some while I have the chance. It was so good to see everyone and all of the new beautiful babies that several of our friends have had in the last few months. There is a baby boom going on! We are all a blessed bunch!

And I'll have to post a picture of the bride and groom later. Hopefully my father-in-law took one. Shame on me for not getting one, but I was seriously busy chasing after an 18 month old most of the time.


The Jasters said...

Love the pictures! Hattie's dress is adorable! Glad I could help you out in the clothing department:o)

Andrew said...

This may be the first time my picture has ever appeared on Blogahon (that's me, behind Hattie's head in the last one).

Kudos to Charles for getting a full profile shot.

Nice pics, Stephanie!

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