January 3, 2008


Well, now Hattie has croup. She got one whole day between being sick with a stomach virus and croup to be healthy. My poor baby. This year is not being kind to her so far. I don't know where she is picking up all of these germs!?!?! We haven't really taken her out since she got that stomach virus, and that's been since last Friday.

I had a moment of self pity today. I am tired of seeing my baby so sick. I am tired of sleepless nights filled with sporadic wakings from my over-tired sickling who can't get comfortable. I have no energy left. Then my thoughts went to those parents who have children with chronic illnesses and diseases, and I had my fill of humble pie for the day. God bless these parents and their babies!

Hattie's been sick for a week now, but she will get well again, and I am a blessed mama to have that as a comfort during this time.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there Steph! It will get better!


Missy said...

I always think that too...when Ingram was in the hospital, it was so so horrible. And he wasn't even sick, so to speak. I thought, mothers whose babies have cancer, I don't know how they survive, I just don't. Pray to God none of us ever find out.

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