January 4, 2008

{18 months}

At 18 months, the best adjective I can think of to describe Hattie is talkative. Energetic is a close second, but my little Hattie Ruth can talk and talk and talk. Sean and I are really often amazed by the words and phrases that come out of her mouth.

Some of her phrases that have developed in the past month or two are:
1.) Jesus loves me.
2.) Goodness gracious!
3.) Mommy, hold you. when she wants me to hold her
4.) Mommy coming soon. when she doesn't know where I am
5.) Go nigh-nigh, baby. She's gonna be such a bossy big sister! I can already tell.
6.) Don't like it. She shakes her head and says this to foods she refuses to eat which is becoming the norm these days.
7.) Watch Elmo! Yes, her newest obsession is Elmo.

I need to be better about listing things she's saying because I've been lazy about it; I'm trying to use this blog as an extended baby book for Hattie since hers ended at 12 months.

Another big milestone this month is that she learned to suck from a straw or maybe it's just that she was finally exposed to her first juice box. It was pretty funny, too. She just put her little mouth around the straw and sucked away, like she's been drinking from a straw for forever. You go girl!

Hattie's also refined her ability to say no! to everything you ask her. I know this is a normal toddler thing, but that doesn't mean that I have to like it! It can be really cute and funny, but it's a little power struggle that can get outta hand pretty quickly, too.

Hattie is also at what I hope is her peak of being a mama's girl. She has become very clingy with me. The other night Sean said, It's like you're her security blanket. Bingo. That's exactly what I am. I do love that she loves me SO MUCH, but it comes with its own set of challenges when I am trying to leave the house solo or when Sean tries to do things for her. It's like she thinks Mommy's way is the only right way. I know this time won't last forever, though, and I'm sure I'll look back on it fondly when she's a teenager and only wants to be with her friends.

I can't believe my baby is officially a year and a half old today!


Missy said...

I think of lots more adjectives...gorgeous, brilliant, precious come to mind!

Aunt Mis

Jamison said...

"goodness gracious!"

Classic. Very cute.

cheryl said...

saige and hattie would be such good friends - they could talk to each other all day long - that would be so entertaining! she is precious - hope you guys are all over being sick. we know how that goes!

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