May 1, 2009

Emotional Eater?

Yesterday Hattie was being a normal, clumsy toddler and hurt herself while playing. Rubbing teary eyes, she came up to me and whined, "Mommy, {sniff, sniff} I think I need some chocolate to make me feel better."

Ah yes, darlin'.

I have never said this. Don't know how she made this connection of chocolate being a "healer."

I guess some things are just written in our girly DNA! :)


AKat said...

Ha!! That is really funny! Way to make that connection, sweet Hattie!

katie said...

I knew Hattie was going to be a smart child...........

shalonda said...

oh my gosh she is so funny!!!!! what can i say we have all been there miss H

The Joiners said...

And she is so right! Good thing she learned that important lesson early on :)

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