May 6, 2009

Starting to Feel like Summer

Hattie had no problem sharing Mommy's popsicle with Mary Ellen, but she sure wasn't going to share HER purple popsicle! NO WAY!

I took this pic when Hattie was mid-sentence saying, "No, MARYYYYY!" We hear that a lot these days.
Possessive toddler plus exploring baby who loves to grab for things don't mix well.

This one is still not crawling. She can scoot a little but only backwards. I have to admit that I'm a little concerned, but a bunch of sweet mommies have reassured me over and over that she'll crawl on her own time. She's just laid-back. And I get that. If I lay her on the floor and plop a toy far in front of her, she'll try for like a second to get to it, but quickly, she gives up and just plays with her fingers or a crumb on the floor that's within her reach. Seriously. Needless to say, Mary Ellen has had lots of tummy time lately, like it or not!

She's not really mobile yet, but her verbal skills have taken off. She babbles all day long, and when I walk by, she often babbles, in a whiney, pick me up kinda way, "Mmmmma! Mmmma!" She's done this so many times that I'm sure it's not a coincidence but that she's calling for me. This makes me very happy because Hattie said "Dadda" before "Mama." I'm glad to be first this time :).

This soon to be 3 year old [sniff, sniff] has 3 more weeks of Mother's Day Out. Not sure what the summer's gonna be like. It's hard because baby sister usually takes a pretty good morning nap, which kills the morning for long excursions. I have some brainstorming to do to think of things that will keep Hattie entertained so Mama keeps her sanity!

We've been working on writing letters with Hattie quite a bit, and she can successfully write "H," "T," and "i." Can you guess what I'm trying to teach her to spell? The vowels of her name have been a bit more challenging, but I'm so proud of what she can do at this point!

As for me, I've been so into all the decorating blogs online. I've finally started to decorate our bedroom, and thanks to all the great, cheap ideas that I've seen online, I've been able to create this

for very, very cheap. All of the frames were sitting in my garage, being unused because they were gold or some other color that doesn't go with my house, so I just bought some craft paint and painted them all black and then framed some fabric that I got on clearance. And the bedding is all from Marshall's and most of it was on clearance. Next up I plan to make some curtains for the windows.

That's all for now! Hope you are all finding ways to stay cool as it heats up.


Kari said...

Bedroom looks great!
As far as excursions....I would go ahead and do them. It will be hard on Mary Ellen at first, but she'll get used to them. I would always be home around lunch time so Jake could take a long nap. It worked for us:)

Megan Blinka said...

You blog and your bedroom look super cute...if feel bad for steeling you background websits, but there super cute....I hate to say this...but Hattie is looking so "big" girl these days.

cheryl said...

Love the room makeover - very cool!

And I absolutely LOVE the pic of Hattie and the popsicle - that is so classic! The expression is priceless - you can almost hear her saying "No!" :)

AKat said...

Love the new blog look! And great job on the bedroom!! Hattie and Mary Ellen are as precious as ever! Oh, my goodness. I love that you captured Hattie's expression when ME was trying to get that purple popsicle! Ha!

katie said...

You've always said M.E. was laid back........but remember she's got a few extra pounds to lug around! That's hard work! LOL - she'll excel in her own time ;o) Remember the sooner she crawls the easier you'll lose her...........

shalonda said...

the bedroom looks amazing!!!! and seriously those top two pics could be my girls too, lol! also no need to worry about the crawling, camdyn crawled backwards for two months before she finally realized she is much faster going forward, lol, either way it was way later than addi crawled...our girls are just so diff from eachother

Beth said...

Love seeing the pics of the girls... they are so adorable!

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