May 18, 2009

Monday with my Monkeys!

That's what these two were acting like after lunch today, being so loud and playing so sweetly with each other. I had to pry myself from the dishes and snap a few pictures to catch this moment!

Man, I look at the last picture and think, I need to clean my babies' faces better after they eat. I'm bad about that.
But clean or raggamuffin lookin', I love those sweet faces, especially when they're happy and an extra bonus that they're happy TOGETHER, with EACH OTHER, AT THE SAME TIME.
This Monday has turned out to be a pretty good one! Hope yours is full of smiles and laughter, too!


shalonda said...

oh my gosh S you crack me up! but yes who cares if their faces are dirty if they are actually sharing and loving eachother right?! lol!!!

The Joiners said...

LOVE the little chunky thighs!!

Wisdom From the Pope

“The inalienable dignity of every human being and the rights which flow from that dignity - in the first place the right to life and the defense of life - are at the heart of the church's message." Pope John Paul ended his address, saying: "In spite of divisions among Christians, 'all those justified by faith through baptism are incorporated into Christ...brothers and sisters in the Lord.'" Pope John Paul 2