December 22, 2008

Magical Wedding Day

It's her new favorite thing to play. My sister came over last week and dressed Hattie up. Then she said that we better start saving NOW for that magical wedding day because the more beautiful and "magical" looking, the better in Hattie's eyes. The above picture equals beautiful and magical in her two year old eyes :). I have no idea where my child even learned about a wedding day.

Sean and I are still banking that she'll want to become a nun :). The outfit isn't so different:

But the groom sure is! I think I'll start putting it in her head that she really wants to marry The Perfect Man.
We just have to get her away from pink because as you can see, she likes to wear pink.

And I haven't told her yet, but there will be no magical wedding day until she turns the magical age of atleast 30!

Besides playing wedding days, we've been baking (and eating) cookies......

Loving the exersaucer still, especially when it's put right next to the Christmas tree - bright, sparkly lights + exersaucer = a good time for Mary Ellen!

Christmas is in 3 days, y'all!!!!! Mama better get to wrappin'! Atleast the shopping is DONE :)!


shalonda said...

oh my word magical wedding day, lol!!!!!! that is hilarious! dont you love their little 2 yr old minds?

as far as the paci thing i may try to hold on for at least another month bc you are like the millionth person who says 6 months is the "magic" age for paci babies. she finds her thumb jsut fine but at night wants that paci....truly we just need to give ehr the chance to learn to self soothe, its totally my fault. this week will be "learning" week for her, we'll see how mommy handles it

Megan Blinka said...

i would not worry about the husband/marriage thing until she is at least 5...cause that when it really starts these days ;]

Wisdom From the Pope

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