December 9, 2008

Breakfast with Santa

Saturday morning our church hosted a breakfast with Santa. I'm so glad they had this because 1) I was wondering when I was going to brave the mall to get the annual picture with Santa with not one, but two children this year, and 2) All proceeds went to the K of C which does so much for our church and community.
Hattie was so brave with Santa, and I totally expected the opposite. Once she met him and got to talkin', she wouldn't leave the poor guy alone the whole time we were there :).

Matt and Gracen met us at the church. This is not the best picture I have ever taken, but it's cute with the dads and daughters. We forgot to include Mary Ellen in on this one. I think she was chillin' in the carrier. Poor laid-back, second child.

Well, I wanted to post more pictures, but blogger is being stubborn, so that's all I have for you today, I guess.
Happy Tuesday!!!!


Katie said...

Mary Ellen looks totally unphased by the whole situation. Next year should be interesting!!! Very cute pic though! You need to use one of Mary Ellen's Christmas pics as her "identity" photo on your blog - she had so many cute ones!

shalonda said...

awwww yoru girls did so well! wait to you see addi's its plain awful! i cant believe miss H jsut smiled so pretty like that, good for her

Sean and Stephanie said...

Suggestion taken :)!

Wisdom From the Pope

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