December 27, 2008

5 years ago today......

we said "I do."
And I became one blessed woman to have snagged such an amazing man because (but not limited to).......
He lets me sleep in all the time.
He rubs my back when we watch t.v. together.
He loves Christ and really tries to walk in faith.
He puts up with my moodiness.
He's very affectionate.
He works hard for us.
He's an amazing father.
We share the same humor and goals for our future.
He has such a tender heart.

And I prayerfully hope that God will grant us many more years together.
Love you, honey!


Kari said...

congrats. I love how you have such positive things to say about your husband. I have been married for twelve years and somtimes it is easy to forget why you married someone. Your blog gently reminds me to be more thankful for my wonderful husband. Wishing you many more years together.

Sean and Stephanie said...

Thanks, Kari! It was easy to come up with nice things to say right then because Sean let me sleep in that morning while he got up with the kids, and he took Hattie grocery shopping, which I absolutely hate doing :). I was feeling very grateful!

Twelve years - that's awesome!

The Joiners said...

Hope you had a very happy anniversary and a very merry Christmas with your cute girls (looks like you did!)!

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