December 14, 2008

{4 months}

and gettin' sweeter by the day.

This month has been marked with lots of giggles and coos since Mommy found a ticklish spot where the jaw-line ends and the neck begins on Miss Mary Ellen :).

Movement and noise has also been a big part of this month for our little melon! She can roll from tummy to back and has been doing that for a while. She's really close to rolling from back to tummy. She gets stuck on her side and gets pretty frustrated with herself. She's a big talker, too. When I put her down for naps, she usually talks before falling asleep and then she talks some more when she wakes up, sometimes she talks herself back to sleep. I'm not use to this. Hattie was either crying or sleeping when she was in the crib. This one has the gift of gab! Though I really can't imagine her being more of a talker than her older sister. That's a scary thought! ;)

We bought her this bumbo tray for Christmas but just decided to give it to her early because she won't be in the bumbo for too much longer. so we have to maximize the $9.99 that was spent to pay for it. She loves sitting in her bumbo and now I can put toys on her tray so she can occupy herself for even longer or when she doesn't have her sister around to watch. It's a great gift for this poor second child who doesn't get many new things.

I take her for her four month checkup on Tuesday. I'm interested to see how much she weighs. The creases and rolls on her legs lead me to believe she'll be on the higher end of the percentages for weight. She's already wearing 6 mos. clothing.

That's all I got for tonight, so I'll end with a picture of my 3 favorite loves:

Can we say wrapped around their little fingers? That daddy sure is :)!


shalonda said...

heehee arent they all (the daddy's i mean) oh the joys of having two daughters, lol!

AKat said...

Stephanie, what a sweet post of two sweet little girls! They're adorable!

Beth said...

Can't believe how big Mary Ellen already is - what a doll! Love the hairdo, btw ;)

Megan Blinka said...

what a cutie...she looks like Sean & Hattie Ruth looks like cute!

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