June 4, 2007

Hattie's 11 Months & More

Hattie turned 11 months old today. It's hard to believe our little girl is closing in on one year.

Also, we went to Houston this past weekend for my brother's and two cousins' high school graduation party. It was REALLY HOT, but we had a lot of fun seeing family that I don't get to see much.

The Graduates - I remember when they were all babies (minus Granny :0)) and now they're off to college!

My mom and two sisters with me. We haven't taken a picture all together in FOREVER so I was glad to get this shot.

We also went to an evening Summer Fling at Sean's grandmother's retirement community. They had great live music and Hattie was a hit with all of the residents.

Hattie Ruth with one of her namesakes, Gramama Ruth. (Who is that weird guy in the background?!?! :0)!)

Father & Son - This is a great picture because both Sean and his dad are usually the ones taking the pictures, so I'm glad I have one of them both together!

Our little family:

Sunday, my mother-in-law hosted lunch at her house after church, so we got to see everyone on Sean's side again and all the kids. It was chaos, but a lot of fun and great food!

We are home now and tired and have TONS of laundry and sleep to catch up on. We can't wait to move back so our visits won't be so short lived and so far between.


Anonymous said...

I'm excited to hear that you all are coming home! It will be nice know that you get to be with your family and friends more often!


Sean, Stephanie and Hattie said...

Thanks, Katie! We're excited, too....just a bit impatient because it's not gonna happen until late fall probably. Hope you and your family are well!

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