June 14, 2007

Children's Museum in Dallas

Christie and Luke went on vacation this week with her parents to Tyler, TX. They decided to take the 2 hour trip up to Dallas to visit with us for the day today. We had such a great afternoon seeing all of them! We went to the Aquarium, and then we took the babies to the children's museum. They were a little young for most of the stuff there, but they really enjoyed it, I think. Then we got some Mexican food downtown - yum, yum!
They liked playing with the plastic veggies at "the farm."

They were so busy playing that it was hard to get them to look at the camera, so we all started making LOTS of noise, which produced these startled looks from our babies, but hey, we got them to both look at the camera at the same time!

Hattie had to check out the chickens.

Then we decided to ride the rocking horse. Poor rocking horse, I think I broke his back!

Hattie liked the soft fur on the sheep.

Hattie was SO interested in Luke's hands. She kept trying to grab them. Hhhmm....better not be flirting!!! He's your cousin, remember!

Hey, happy boy!

Hattie LOVED the animal pictures that were velcroed to the wall. She took it upon herself to take them all down. I think she liked the sound they made with she took them off, and she never passes up an opportunity to make a mess!


We took so many pictures. I'll have to post more later. I'm tired now. We had a lot of fun, though, and the babies were pretty good the whole time. Good job, Hattie-boo and Lukey-poo!

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Laura said...

Looking good, Mom!

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