June 19, 2007


I found this red, white, and blue tutu while shopping at Once Upon a Child. It's my favorite resale shop. They have the best bows, and once in a while I find some adorable outfits and shoes for Hattie. I had to buy this tutu. She already has a birthday dress that's red, white, and blue, but since her birthday party is going to be at Tutu's house, I just had to get it :0)! I figure she can wear it while eating her cake.

In other news, our sweet toddler-about-to-be has decided that she is so over being fed with a baby spoon. She will only eat something if she can pick it up and put it in her mouth. Occasionally, she will let me put something in her mouth, but it can't be on a baby spoon. The food I give her can either come from a regular spoon or fork or my fingers.

Her favorite food right now is cheese. Anytime I go to the fridge, and she's in her highchair, she says, "cheeees!" When she's eating her food, she will pick all of the cheese crumbles and eat those first. It's so amazing to me that she has preferences and notices what she's eating.

With her refusal to eat from a spoon, I am finding that meal-time is a challenge. I worry about her iron level since it was low at her 9 month appointment. It's hard to come up with bite size, non-chokeable (is that a word?), healthy, and quick things for her to eat.

I feel like I am starting all over with her eating, especially since she is so over the bottle but won't give her sippy cup the time of day. Yep, there is no way she's gonna be drinking her milk from a sippy cup by her first birthday. She will drink water from it but nothing else. I don't know how to go about this. Do I do it cold-turkey? But then will she get enough? This is our present dilemna. I know it's small potatoes considering what we have ahead of us in years to come. Thank goodness we have a few short precious years at the beginning of life that children just don't remember. I just feel sorry for Hattie. She's our first born and thus has to break us in, teach us the ropes.

Any suggestions about the bottle to sippy-cup saga are greatly appreciated!!!

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Katie said...

I don't have a lot of experience in this area but are the sippy cups soft spouted? I know that they make them soft and hard and sometimes the soft ones are easier for them to get used to. Just a suggestion which you may have already tried anyway!

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