June 29, 2010

Hello Lover!

My reference to Carrie Bradshaw in the title has nothing to do with the perfect pair of shoes.  Rather, the thing that provokes such passion in me at the moment is the perfect sandwich.
Hello Lover!

I am at the point in my pregnancy where I eat everything in sight.  The middle trimester is when I pack on the pounds, which can only be blamed on my insatiable hunger, which can only be blamed on the growing baby in my belly.  While I'm eating breakfast, I'm thinking about lunch.  While I'm eating lunch, I'm dreaming about the perfect snack to eat while the girls are napping, ect. Right now, as I type this, I'm eating some Paula Dean homemade mac-n-cheese that I made earlier.  It's bad.  And how bad it is doesn't quite hit me until the nurse asks me to get on the scale at the doctor's office at the start of every check-up.  You pregnant veterans know the drill.  The nurse marches you right up to the scale in the middle of the busiest intersection of the doctor's office where tons of other people are around to glance at your ginormous number on the scale.  Then if that isn't bad enough, the nurse calls out that number as if she's calling out a to go order at a noisy restaurant.  Humiliating.  Way worse than all the blood that's drawn and cups that are peed in during pregnancy IMO!

I have been spared that humiliation this pregnancy, thank goodness!  This time, at the midwives office, run by women (key phrase!), you get to discreetly go into the bathroom and get your own weight.  Then you deduct however many pounds you think is water weight (3-4 lbs ;)!) before you discreetly tell the nurse your weight when y'all get to your examining room.  I love it!  Takes the edge off the shame of packing on the pounds.

I do try to watch it, though.  With Hattie, I gained 40 lbs.  I think with your first, you eat whatever you want because you think you can.  For me, eating constantly helps with the nausea in the beginning.  But it's what I ate with her that made all the difference.  I wisened up with Mary Ellen and, while I still ate a ton, I stuck to healthier options and only gained 25 lbs.  I am shooting for that 25 lbs. again.  Am definitely trying to watch it.  Not sure how I can come to terms with typing that while I eat Paula Dean's mac-n-cheese, but still.  25 lbs.

So back to that sandwich.  With all of my pregnancies, the number one thing I have consistently craved is sandwiches.  I love them when I'm pregnant.  LOVE THEM.  The only difference is that I crave one specific thing in the sandwiches that I don't usually want on my sandwiches when I'm not pregnant with each specific pregnancy.  Does that big run-on make sense?  Like with Hattie, it was tomato.  If you know me at all, you know I pretty much hate tomatoes, but I loved them and had to have them on every sandwich I ate when preggers with my first born.  With Mary Ellen, it was avocado.  I like avocado in general, but just normally don't put it on my sandwiches.  When pregnant with her, though, I had to have it on every single sandwich I made; otherwise, the sandwich wasn't worth making.  With this one, it's mayo.  I am usually a mustard girl when it comes to sandwiches, but these days, all I want is gobs and gobs of mayo slapped on the bread.  Not good for keeping the weight at 25 lbs., though, I know, but that's what it is.   So that's my weird craving story that I'll probably forget if I don't write it down. ;)

And the sandwich story does have a more meaningful point that I wanted to make: We find out this Thursday, in two days, what baby #3 is.  Boy or girl.  My newest realization is that I craved veggie things on my sandwiches with both girls, but this time I'm craving mayo.  So maybe it's a boy.............or maybe it's a girl that just likes her mayo?  We'll soon find out! ;)

Stay tuned!  Appointment is at 8:30 a.m.  Hopefully this little one will cooperate and show us the goods. And please pray with us in the meantime that everything checks out healthy and developing normally with our little baby on Thursday.  We'd appreciate it!


Beth said...

Yumm... we should go eat a delicious sandwich! Can't wait to hear boy or girl - would be so fun to have a boy but 3 beautiful girls would be great too! Loved the update, I miss you!

shalonda said...

love it.....cant wait for the announcement.
- love your baby gender stalker :)

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