June 8, 2010

Family Update

~ is enjoying swim lessons so much!  Much to my surprise, she isn't fearful of the water at all and tries everything the teacher asks.  I'm so proud of her!

~ still loves coloring, but now also loves puzzles just as much.  She can sit down and complete a hundred piece puzzle all by herself in about 30 minutes - a great quiet activity!

~ is such a big help.  She is the typical first born, motherly big sister.  So much so that she helps keep me in line sometimes!  Just this morning, as we were heading out to the pool, she reminded me that I hadn't put sunscreen on Mary Ellen yet!

~ is totally in the independent phase and wants to do everything for herself.  It may take a little longer, but I try to be patient because I know she's learning.

~ will be 4 in less than a month, and I can't believe it!  Three and a half years ago, sitting up in the middle of the night with my colicky baby, crying with her half the time, I don't think I would have believed you had you told me that these years would go by this fast and that she was going to be such a delightful, easy toddler and child who would eventually sleep in until 7 every day with no night wakings.

~ is obsessed with shoes right now.  Every morning, almost first thing, she picks out a new pair to put on.  If you try to put a different pair on her than the one she's picked out, a massive fit ensues.  The girl knows what she wants, whether the shoes match or are in season or not!

~ has become such a picky eater.  The only meats I can get her to eat right now are sausage and rotisserie chicken.  She knows the difference with any other kind of chicken, too, and won't even give it a nibble.  So her diet consists of lots of scrambled eggs, which she is starting to turn her nose up to, and peanut butter.  Thankfully, she will eat 3 or 4 different kinds of veggies, so she has some variety there.

~ is in the throws of terrible twos.  She is a tantrum throwing maniac right now.  It is rather exhausting for me, a person who thrives on quiet and peace, but we are managing through it and praying it's a short phase ;).

~ is still my cuddlebug.  It's often that she'll come and find me in the kitchen and just wrap her arms around my leg and give me a hug.  She loves to be held and rocked and will eagerly accept all of the kisses I give her.

~ despite her unwillingness to eat most foods, loves to eat crayons and playdoh, and with a big sister who loves doing art, there are always crayons and playdoh lying around, waiting to be digested.  It is often that her chompers are filled with shades of pink, purple, blue, green, ect.  We are working on learning not to eat inedible objects ;)!

~ am feeling the baby move every day, several times a day now, mostly after dinner when I lie down while Daddy gives baths.

~ go through feelings of being so excited to have 3 children and so nervous about it, too!  I am trying to block out the nerves ;)!  By the 3rd one, you just know it's gonna be hard for a while, and the transition of adding a new child to the family is rough, but ultimately, it's so worth it and fun.

~ enrolled Mary Ellen in MDO 2 mornings a week next year, and Hattie will be going every morning, so for two mornings a week, before the baby gets here, I'm not gonna know what to do with myself!  I am looking forward to getting stuff done, things I'm putting off right now because it's just too hard to do with two little ones underfoot.

~ am so into watching all of the housewives shows on BRAVO right now.  They are my current guilty pleasure.  The shows are horrible, but I can't help it!  I'm fascinated with these petty women, thrown into what seems like high school dramas.

~ could eat avocados and brownies all day, every day.  I guess those are my cravings of choice for this pregnancy.  Lots and lots of FAT, so I try not to cave in to the cravings too much ;)!

~ has perfected his margarita making skills just in time for summer.  I've sipped, and they are GOOD.

~ is so gracious about putting up with my mood swings and tiredness!  He picks up all of my slack like a champ, and every day I am reminded how very blessed I am to have married such a good, gracious man.

~ will be 30 in September - we've got to do something special for that!

~ recently became an RCIA sponsor at our church.  I am so proud of his leadership in our church and his constant dedication to our faith and Church.

~ makes the best breakfasts!  Saturday morning breakfasts, made by Daddy, have become a much loved tradition in our house.

That's what we've been up to in a nutshell; what about you?


Brittany said...

Housewives are my guilty pleasure too! I love New Jersey...so trashy, yet so entertaining!

shalonda said...

okay camdyn and ME can NOT hang out EVER! they might finish a while box of crayons off before lunch, or fight over shoes, hahahaha....
wow miss H looks so big in these recent pics
it pains me when you stop see'ing even the slightest remnant of baby in them

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