November 3, 2009


Could she look any more Irish? Maybe if she had a pint in her hand, huh :)?!? I mean, I know she's wearing green in this picture and she definitely holds an Irish first and last name, but when I see pictures of Sissy bear, I still can't believe how Irish she looks. Those blue eyes, that pale skin, that strawberry blonde hair, it all just baffles me! Hattie came out looking exactly like I thought she would. Mary Ellen, not at all. And I love that they look so different from each other. I find that things that I never dressed Hattie in, I put on Mary Ellen all the time because different colors compliment their looks. Hopefully this means they will never fight over clothes!!!! It will be easy. I'll just say, "Now, Mary Ellen, you should just let Hattie wear that red shirt because you know, red really isn't your color. You look absolutely beautiful in blue. It shows off your eyes better." Then she'll agree and go off and find a blue shirt to wear, right?!?! Right. :)

And in other shocking news, Miss Hattie Ruth is taking a much needed nap, a nap that she hasn't taken in days and days and days, which is why it's much needed. I have always been pro naps, but I never really realized how vital they are to my sanity. It's been rough. So when she wakes up, she gets to indulge in all of the bribes I've been bribing her with for days and days to get her to nap. These bribes include but are not limited to: Sprite, Halloween candy, and watching Tinkerbell. I know. But desperate times call for desperate measures!

And seriously, could the day be any more beautiful! I think I've fallen for fall...........

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AKat said...

What a beautiful baby girl!
Good luck on the clothes in a few years. My sisters and I are all 18 months apart and somehow if I wanted to wear a certain piece of clothing of either sister's, it was 'nooooo, that's what i was planning to wear!' and we'd get in a big argument. lol. We laugh about it now!

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