October 30, 2009

Halloween Eye Candy

They sure do look as sweet as candy, don't they?

I've been bad about blogging lately. It's the one thing I can slack off on; well, that and laundry, and I tackled that yesterday - piles and piles of it!

Anyways, here are some fun "Halloweenish" pictures we've taken throughout the month of October. Hattie had her first costume party that she attended a few Saturdays ago, and I got the girls dressed up and did a little photo-shoot before-hand. Sissy is NOT happy about being a flower, I can tell you that!

Sissy-bear (Mary Ellen's current nickname) took her first steps yesterday :)!!!! Can I get a FINALLY!?!?!? We are so proud of her, and I have to say "Sissy-bear" fits her so well because she is as cuddly and warm as a bear, but boy, does she have a temper like one, too!

Hattie is sporting a "recession costume." It comes complete with things we already had, and I just put everything together in the most cohesive, "costumey" way. Then I went to Hobby Lobby and spent $1.29 on materials to make the antenna. She's the cutest butterfly I ever did see!

And Sissy-bear is probably the sweetest yet most stubborn flower I ever did see.

I was in College Station with Sean to watch the Aggies (WHOOP!) beat the h*ll outta............ someone?- can't remember who?! (WHOOP!), and we had time, so I stopped at the Once Upon A Child up there. If you ever go up to College Station and have babies, you need to go to this resale shop. It is probably the best one I've ever been to............ or rather, second best to one that I would go to while living near Plano. Dallas mamas spare no expense at dressing their babies. This shop in College Station has LOTS and LOTS of great, beautiful clothes at really cheap prices. I try to go there atleast once a year. So I saw this little flower costume and thought it would go perfect with Hattie's recession butterfly costume. A flower and a butterfly just go so well together, right :).
I also got this little dress for $4:

Cute, huh!?!? So you Aggie moms need to go check it out, but don't take all the cute girl clothes in sizes 18-24 mos or 3-4T! :)
And finally, because this is getting longer than I expected, Hattie had her Halloween parade and program today at school. She's the spazzy blue crayon in the middle:

That's all folks! Have a happy and SAFE HALLOWEEN!!!! And remember to "fall-back" on Sunday. I sure hope my kids get the memo to sleep in an extra hour!


KatieLee Photography said...

Congratulations M.E. on those first steps - girlfriend it's about time! Very cute costumes! Love resale shops! Specially for designer clothing at a bargain price! I found a really good one back in June up in Washington that was a resale shop/baby boutique - wish it was located down here!

shalonda said...

heehee ME cracks me up with all of those tears, i know thats kinda mean, but seriously how cute is she throwing a fit in that little costume! and miss H woweee she looks so big, and like one seriously fun blue crayon....ummmm butterfly.....halloween princess!

oh and nope no earrings on these two girls either but its more me than daddy, weird huh?!

Beth said...

Those are two beautiful girls!! Love the costumes and I'm so excited to hear ME is walking! Miss you!

AKat said...

So many things...
here goes!
1. ME is the cutest flower and Hattie is the prettiest butterfly I've ever seen!
2. I wish I lived in CS, if only to be close to you and Dana...and Once Upon a Child!
3. AWESOME recession costume! Seriously. That's incredible you already had everything and the skills to just throw it together.
4. ME in pigtails - in the crayon picture. Too cute.
5. ME crying. Hilarious!
6. Hattie's crayon suit...precious!
7. The word Halloweenie, hysterical.
Great post, great pics! I'm glad you're blogging again...I know breaks are necessary and needed, but you've been missed.

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