July 6, 2009

Party Pictures

Hattie had loads of fun at her birthday party. I posted them on facebook, so a lot of these are repetitive, but I have to put them on the ol' blog, too!

We got our flag out for the 4th, showing our American pride!

Red, White, and Blue!

LOTS of Red, White, and Blue!

The grub! All low fat ;).

The rainbow cake

Minutes before cutting into the rainbow cake

Awestruck and speechless are good ways to describe Hattie's reaction to all of her presents.

Polly Pockets!!!!!

We got Hattie a kitchen set, and she got lots of accessories to go with it, like a working toaster and blender. A pizza with velcro toppings - brilliant! - and Cinderella tea set stuff.

And of course there were girly princess things, too!

She got so many things. Too much! But hopefully all of her new toys will keep her occupied in the cool house while we try to beat the heat of summer!

And now she's 3 and starts preschool in a month and feels less and less like a baby. She constantly reminds me that "she's a big girl and can do big girl things." *sigh*

And I have about a month to recover and get ready for a little someone's 1st birthday. Why are my babies growing too fast!?!?!

1 comment:

The Jasters said...

Cute pictues! It looks like ya'll had a great time. The cake turned out great!

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