July 4, 2009

Hattie Birthday!

My older sister always teases Hattie and tells her, "Hattie birthday!" when she sees her for her birthday :).

I can't believe the little baby that came into this world and rocked my world is THREE today. My how time does fly!

At three, my sweet Hattie Ruth is my little social butterfly, and you never would have guessed she'd be so social looking back at shy, baby Hattie. She has changed so much!

She loves rainbows, butterflies, and all things princess and girly.

She says the funniest things. For instance, a few weeks ago Sean and I were getting ready to go on a date, and Hattie asked, "Daddy, do you get a trophy on a date?" hehe! Dates are far and few between, so when we get one, it is like winning a prize, that's for sure!

One of her most favorite games to play right now is for us to read her a book she knows well. We mess up the words on purpose, and then she likes to correct us by saying the right words. Maybe she'll be a teacher? Bossy is definitely in her blood :)! And she loves "teaching" her baby sister.

Her sense of humor has developed into a child's, no longer a baby's. She likes to say words like booger and poo poo and then giggles.

Talking back is fairly new for her, and I pray it'll be short-lived, but looking back on my own childhood years, I have my doubts and fear that I need to pray for perseverance as well!

Hattie is such an affectionate three year old. She tells us daily that she loves us and enjoys giving hugs and kisses and will come up to me out of the blue and ask me to cuddle her while she sucks her thumb. That's when I am reassured that there are still traces of my once baby lingering in her. And I hold on tight.

We have a big day planned with party, presents, and all the works - fireworks, that is!

Happy 4th of July to all!

And "Hattie" Birthday to the apple of my eye!


AKat said...

Happy Birthday, Hattie!

Megan Blinka said...

how did the rainbow cake turn out!!??

Beth said...

Hattie Birthday! I was thinking about y'all today :)

The Jasters said...

Happy Birthday, Hattie! We love you so much! We hope you had a wonderful "fairytale" birthday!

shalonda said...

awwwww hattie birthday, hope your day was filled with ranibows and butterflies!!!!!! cant wait to pics of the party i bet it was phenomenal!

Penny said...

Hattie's cake was wonderfully multi-hued and her Mama forgot to mention that she thanked EACH person for their gift! Very sweet and appreciative girl!

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