February 2, 2009

Rolling with the Punches

Hattie's been cracking me up lately with the things she's been saying. The other day she came into the living room with a stuffed cat and said, "Mom (she calls me 'Mom' now {sniff}), this is my emotional kitty-cat. Her name is Sophie." Me, giggling, "She's your emotional kitty-cat?" Hattie: "Yes, she is, Mom. She just cries and cries all day long. She can't help it." Where she gets this stuff, I don't know.

She has also started referring to her sister as a "little giant" ......... I guess she's noticed Mary Ellen's rolls, too. :)

In Mary Ellen news, the little angel has decided to repeatedly roll from her tummy to her back and then cry for "Mom" to come and roll her back over between the hours of 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. before she has had enough of the game and goes back to sleep. I rolled her back over for 3 nights and now have decided that she needs to figure it out herself. We've been practicing the skill of rolling from back to tummy, and she has successfully done it on her own 4 times, which is proof enough for this mama that she can in fact do it herself.

So we are turning off the baby monitor tonight and turning up our box fan........

And I am praying and planning for sweet, uninterrupted dreams tonight.............

I forfeit on this game, Mary Ellen, and I hope you get the memo before it's too late ;)!

We never had this problem with Hattie because she was swaddled until she was WAY too old to be. She loved it, and Mary Ellen hated it, just one of their many differences.

Anyway, Happy Monday!


The Joiners said...

Ha I HAVE been reading about your exhaustion- but at least you have something cute and cuddly around as a result :) And trust me, be thankful that you weren't around all of the food, because you didn't have to experience the shame that came with eating it ALL!

Bonnie said...

Yes sometimes the baby monitor needs to go off. For your sanity!

shalonda said...

little giant?! hilarious!!!!! man our older ones would be very interesting together if they hung out

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I played that game with all four of mine.

And then a few months later, we all played the, "I can pull myself up in my crib, but scream cause I don't know how to get back down" game.

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