January 23, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The picture is for good measure to prove that I still love these babies who drove me almost crazy today.

The Good: It's 6:30 pm and both of my children are fast asleep (at the moment atleast).

The Bad: We had a rough day with little napping, lots of crying and whining, and both girls battling runny noses and on the verge of getting sick AGAIN.

The Ugly: Mommy is flying solo for most of the weekend.


And I just want to share this little conversation that I had with H. this morning:

Hattie: (tripping and almost falling over a cord in the living room) "Son of a gun!"
Me: "Uuh, Hattie, who told you those words?"
Hattie: "Sean did."

Is it weird that she refers to her daddy by his first name when she knows he's in trouble ;)?


shalonda said...

oh praying yall dont get sick again and praying for mommy's sanity

Bonnie said...

I'm praying y'all don't get sick. The three of us have been sick too. Too funny that she refers to her daddy as Sean when he is in trouble!

Kari said...

Hoping your weekend went smoothly!!
Son of a gun - cracks me up!

Jamison said...

LAUGHING so hard!! I really hope you guys are doing well after the weekend. :)

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