September 16, 2007

Poor Boo-boo!

(We left our camera in H-town when we were house-hunting, so this is an old pic, a pic that Katie took with her amazing camera & skillz while we were at the Children's Museum about a month back. I'm having picture-taking withdrawal!!! I can't wait to get my camera back.)

This morning when I went into Hattie's room around 6:45 a.m. I found her and her crib covered in vomit - bleh! At first I thought she had blown out of a diaper, but then the smell hit me. The smell of vomit is so distinct. We did a quick bath of which she was not too happy about. Then we went downstairs. She seemed fine. More than fine, really. She was giggly, happy, playing so sweetly. So I decided to try and give her some breakfast. Well, she didn't stomach it very well. Actually, it never quite made it to her stomach. So the highchair got a bath, too.

She's had stomach viruses before. This will be #3 for her (she must have a weak stomach like her daddy, I guess.), but she's never been so perky and easy while sick with one like she is this time. It must be a mild one. She played so pretty all day and took AMAZING naps. She did eat a little and hasn't thrown-up since breakfast, so I guess she's on the mend. I pray she's on the mend! Sean's out of town so it would KILL if she got even sicker, and I got sick, too. I'm not even gonna think about that, though. Not a possibility.

I just really love the age that Hattie is at right now, though. 14 months is the most fun! She GETS so much. There is definite brain activity going on at all times. Tonight I put her in some jammies that had cats all over them. I said, "Look, Hattie, you have kitty-cats all over your jammies!" Well, let me just tell you, I heard her saying "keee-cat" for about 15 minutes after I put her to bed. Then there was the beautiful sound of silence, so I can bet what she'll be dreaming about tonight!

I just love the age she's at! I love that she always offers her baby doll juice. She's so polite, ya know ;0)! I love how she "sips" out of an empty cup and follows it with "MMMMM!" I love how she toddles around from one thing to another as if she has so much to do. I love how she gives kisses and hugs so easily. I love the creativity that she's developing. I just love this age!

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The Jasters said...

Poor Mama and Hattie Boo! I hope ya'll get to feeling better! Hugs and Kisses! Christie

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