September 7, 2007

Moving Right Along

I am SO excited! Yesterday we had an offer on a house accepted. It was a great birthday present for Sean. We have had a hard time looking and not really finding "the one." We started out thinking that we wanted to live in the suburbs, but at the last minute, after much prayer and thought, we realized that Sean and the clunk-o-junk car that he drives would not be able to handle the long commute. Plus, Hattie and I both really enjoy seeing more of Sean than less of him. SO on our last day of house-hunting, we focused in on neighborhoods in the city that will allow Sean easy access to work.
We ended up finding a great house that is near our old house. It's not exactly in the same subdivision but pretty dern close. We are excited about it. It's a blank slate, needs lots of paint and fabic and *stuff* but is clean, has good bones, and has total potential. It was built in 1955 so has lots of the character that Sean and I love, like hardwoods (which are hidden by carpet right now) and beadboard and large trees. Let's just hope it doesn't come with the plumbing issues that our last house full of character had $$$$$!

SO providing the inspection goes well and there is no major change of heart by us or the sellers, we will be homeowners and near many of you again in mid-October, which hopefully means cool moving weather!


Beth said...

Yay!! Where did y'all live? Montrose-ish? I can't remember. Will probably be near me!

Cheryl Wimberly said...

Wahoo!! I am glad you aren't moving way down south or you might as well have been in Dallas still! :) This way we can have play dates and go to the children's museum, etc. Hope that house works out.

Andrew said...

I'm excited too, because it means that a day trip to College Station (say during football season) isn't such a stretch anymore.

Plus, Sean and I can meet for lunch on occasion during the weeks when I'm in Tomball.

Wisdom From the Pope

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