January 13, 2007

Hattie's 6 months!

Hattie is now half a year old. We can't believe it! I took her in for her 6 month check up on Friday, and she now weighs in at 15 lbs. 9 oz. (50%) and is 26 1/4 inches long (70%). The biggest growth has been her head. When she was 2 months, her head was in the 20th percentile but is now in the 75th percentile coming in at a whopping 17 1/8 inches around. This can only mean one thing to her parents of course! Her brain must be on the large side, right?!?! Below is a picture of her wearing a hat at two weeks old and then the same hat at six months old.

All I can say is big brains run in the family on her mama's side (he he!). We are so proud of our little girl who seems to be getting so big all of a sudden. It must be all the sweet potatoes and squash that she can't seem to get enough of! I even got the okay from the doc to start giving her teething cookies. Maybe that'll bring on some teeth cause as of right now she still doesn't have any, but all the crankiness and constant chewing on everything lately keeps us assured that the teeth are on their way!


Andrew said...

That picture of Hattie at 6 months is the cutest thing I've seen all day (but then again I spent most of today watching old Aggie football films).

If we have a boy, he's definitely going to be calling her at some point...

Anonymous said...

AAAWWWWW Hattie is to cute!! I love the picture of her close up. Who takes those pictures?- they are quite fab!! Also Hattie has a very cute sense of style. :) Well keep up the good work!

Sean, Stephanie and Hattie said...

You're so sweet and have quite a sense of style, too, I might add! :) Sean is the eye behind the camera most of the time.

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