January 15, 2007

Cold Day...Shut In

It's in the 20s outside. The roads are covered in ice. We can't go anywhere. Sounds like time for a photo shoot! Hattie is such a ham...well, Mommy and Daddy encourage her!


Peter Brunone said...

Okay, that is one cute baby -- and I'm quite knowledgeable when it comes to cute babies.

I'm glad you had some quality time yesterday; me, I enjoyed the unique experience of discovering that my ramp on the High 5 was the only one that hadn't been sanded... ooh, look at the pretty shiny road...

Cheryl Wimberly said...

I second that! She is so cute - she has such a beautiful smile.
We are staying inside today too... not as cold down here but Saige is a little sick, so we are not going anywhere.

Andrew said...

She is SOOOO lucky that she doesn't look like her daddy.

Just kidding Sean, I love you. Really.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww...I miss her sooooooooooooo much!!! And of course I miss ya'll too! Give her big kisses from her Auntie Shelley!!!

P.S. Garrett says "Hook 'em Horns"!
(the battle lives on)

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