September 15, 2010


We've been busy with school starting and such.  School being in session has given me time to start on the nursery.  I wanted to show you a few things I've been working on for baby boy's room.  It's not near complete, but every spare moment and nickel I have is going to his nursery right now.

Originally I was going to stencil a bible verse on the piece of wood that once read, "Little Blessing" in Mary Ellen's nursery.  But then I found this quote: "Tall oaks from little acorns grow."  I LOVED IT!  It made me smile and think of the man my tiny son will some day grow to be.  It perfectly depicts the hope and miracle of new life.  So I had to use it.
The green in the tree isn't showing up well in the pictures do to lighting, I guess.  It's a light green that matches the green in the bedding.

The sign rests above the changing table/dresser.  I added these two baskets for diapers and powder and creams - all of which need to be handy!
Those are Sean's old baby shoes on the dresser :).

I'm also in the process of making a mobile for the corner of the nursery, near the crib, but not in little arms' reach ;)!
Mary Ellen is still in her crib.  With the girls sharing a room, I am in no hurry for her to move into a big girl bed.  The crib contains her.  I don't mind chatter and giggles.  I just don't want movement - getting out of bed - those types of shenanigans!

So we are using my younger sister's and brother's old crib, circa 1980s.  My parents have generously donated it to us. It's a dark brown wood and looks "vintage" to me.  And my dearest friend, Christie, has offered us some baby boy bedding, which I'm using.  Gotta love free stuff!  Pictures of those things soon!

At 32 weeks along, I have the nesting bug big time.  I feel like things are coming along.  I go from being impatient for our son's arrival to nervous, not knowing how I'll handle a third.  I know God will equip me.  It's just getting through the transition period, the growing pains, that I'm worried about.

The big sisters are excited about their brother's arrival.  They've been busy with school.  Mary Ellen now loves MDO.  She cries on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays when Hattie gets out of the car, and she doesn't get to go.  Two is fickle isn't it :)!??!
Hattie started playing soccer a couple of weeks ago.  Sean is her soccer coach.  She loves it.  He......... is learning to work patiently with 4 and 5 year olds :).

That's all for now!  I hope this newest blog post finds you well and beatin' the heat with as much grace as possible!  I am so ready for a REAL cold front!


Blogahon said...

I LOVE being the soccer coach! Love you - Sean

The Joiners said...

Love the pics- cute nursery and cute little girls!

shalonda said...

love it!!! the rooms additions look fabulous you are so creative! as for 2 yr olds um yeah you can say that again! addi starts soccer in oct and steven will hopefully be picked as the coach as well but that comment made me lol!

KatieLee Photography said...

bahahaha - you didn't tell me Sean was the coach - I LOVE IT! I've watched soccer games at her age level and you definitely need a lot of patience......Go Sean!

The room looks just as you described! And the sign turned out super cute!

Beth said...

Can't wait to meet baby boy!

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