September 21, 2010

Just Call Me Martha.......

I say that with a wee bit of sarcasm ;).

Sometimes, while blog-hopping, I get so inspired that reality gets blurred.  What I mean is, I see projects that are way out of my crafting league, but I naively think, "That looks easy.  I can do that!"

Well, the baby's mobile was definitely one of those times.  It was something I saw online and LOVED and wanted to recreate for baby boy's nursery.  So I took my list of supplies and bounced my way to the nearest Hobby Lobby.   Total cost to make this was only about $8 (I love me some 50% off sales!), but it required about 5 hours of my time.

Imagine spending 5 hours cutting out 160 circles and painting 56 little hollow wooden balls and putting it all together with wire and ribbon and tiny, hard to see, beading parts.  Not my idea of a good time.

I guess it wasn't really THAT bad, and maybe I work slow, but I am not the most patient person.  I eventually persevered through the project and am so glad to be DONE with it!  Not sure if I would do it again, but I am happy with the way it turned out.  Let's just say it was a labor of love before THE labor of love.

I know it doesn't look like 160 circle, but trust me, I had to cut out 160 circles.

Here's another view:
So it was a lot of work, but I do think it looks great in the room!

In other decorating news, notice in the above picture that we only have the big "D" in the frame.  We atleast know that baby's name will end with Dollahon, but that's all we know for now.  I plan on adding two smaller initials on either side of the "D" for the first and middle names whenever Sean and I reach a decision on what those names will be.  And I don't think that's going to happen until our son pops out and shows us his sweet little face for the first time.

I know in the last couple of weeks I have told many of you, who have asked, what the baby boy's name will be with certainty, but just this past weekend, Sean decided he liked something else possibly better.  We still might use the other name, or we might call him something completely different.  We're flakey like that.

I usually am more opinionated about this sort of thing, but I like both names enough to let Sean pick which one it'll be.  I know, I am the perfect vision of a submissive wife.  Perhaps that should have been the title of this post instead :).

And finally, back to the room.  Here are the curtains that I bought/made.  They were much easier to create than the mobile because they took under an hour to put together.  My level of patience can handle buying black-out curtains at Target and simply adding a border to the bottom.
And, yes, if you have ever been to our house, that is the bench that use to sit on our front porch, doing nothing.  No one ever sat there.  I never put anything on it, except maybe pumpkins in October or an occasional potted plant, which would soon die because I'd forget to water it.  I cleaned the bench up and am quite proud of my repurposing abilities because it cost me nada!

So that's all I got for now.  Being closer to getting the room done makes my nesting urge calm to a quiet whisper.  Hopefully I'll have the final room ready in the next few weeks, but now I'm off to tackle the mountain of laundry that needs to be folded and put away before I have to go pick up the girls from school.

Happy Tuesday!


Team Tanneberger said...

LOVE it all!!!!!!!!!!!! Fabulous job, Sista!

Beth said...

I miss you Steph! Love the room! Can't wait to meet baby boy D :) Hopefully after November 6...

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