December 21, 2009


This post is for Aunt Brittany (so you better comment), and anyone else who is stuck at work for the next two days and needs something to read :).

Along with starting the Advent Wreath this year, I also decided to start a new Christmas tradition with the girls back at the beginning of December.

Each girl will get to choose a new ornament each year for Christmas that will adorn our tree. Then when they grow up and move out and get a tree of their own {sniff, sniff}, they'll get to take all of their ornaments with them.

Hattie picked a ballerina of course:

And of course, she couldn't just hang it on the tree and leave it alone; she had to play with it........which led to an accident......which led to a headless ballerina......which led to Mommy pulling out the glue gun. Now all is well, and the ballerina has more character anyways! - a story to go with the ornament.

I picked Mary Ellen's out for her since I can't exactly let her loose in front of the ornaments at the store to choose one. I picked a ball since it was one of her first words. The one I chose has "merry" written all over it. Couldn't have been more perfect for her for this year!

Good thing atleast one out of the two is unbreakable.

And since I'm talking about ornaments, here's a picture of our tree:

Top heavy much? I'll give you two guesses why!

And speaking of trees, what do you prefer, colored or white lights? I like white. Sean likes colored. We have had white since we got married, but colored lights are growing on me, so maybe next year we'll have to change things up a bit......


bjanczak said...

Finally! I was sooo tired of those cookies...LOL! Personally, I prefer white lights. The tree looks pretty! Can't wait to see you all Friday!!!

Megan Blinka said...

That's been my mom's tradition ever since she go an ornament as a christmas gift in college, so it carried on to the 3 Blinkers!!!! I prefer white lights...the make the ornaments STAND out...colored lights make the ornaments blend!

Bonnie said...

I totally understand the top heavy tree! Good tradition on the ornaments! Bryan's family did that for him and so we have a lot of ornaments from when he was growing up. They are very special memories for him.

Team Tanneberger said...

I have ornaments I associate with each of my three children. I still recall when and where I got almost all of them! Embroidered chickens from Hong Kong, a tiny baby crib from Bar Harbor, Maine, the very FIRST ornaments Winston and I bought - red satin balls now somewhat snagged but still used...makes me so nostalgic each year as I handle these and place them on the tree!

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