August 21, 2009


Mary Ellen had her one year checkup this week. She weighed in at a whopping 22 lbs - that's my chunky monkey!

That evening to celebrate, she got her first peanut butter cracker with dinner.........

it was a HUGE hit :).

Hattie came home from school Wednesday with her first self-proclaimed portrait of Mommy:

I'm trying not to take it too personally :). It's the thought that counts, afterall!


KatieLee Photography said...

She did get the eye color right........ ;o)

Sean and Stephanie said...

Haha! You're right about that! And my hair is usually uncombed and crazy looking, too, and I can definitely have a fussy looking mouth :/. I guess it's pretty accurate afterall :).

Penny said...

Katie stole my remark! I was going to say that you DO have big brown eyes!!

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