August 17, 2009

First Day of Preschool!

Today you started your first day of preschool. When you woke up, you wanted scrambled eggs, strawberries, and chocolate milk for breakfast, so that's what you got! You chatted all through breakfast that you were going to color and do arts and crafts and show your teacher your princess band-aid! You wanted to wear your hair down with a clip in your bangs. You seemed like such a big girl.

You walked into your classroom with your backpack on, all smiles. This year was quite different than last year when you were shy and scared. You walked right in, recognized your friends, Meredith, Dominique, and Alexis, and jumped over to chat with them. And you did, in fact, go over to your teacher and talk her ear off about your princess band-aid :)! You seemed like such a big girl.

When the parents were leaving the classroom to go to an orientation meeting, your eyes met mine. You smiled and waved good-bye with no hesitation. You ARE such a big girl! My once clingy baby has blossomed into such a confident, secure child, and I am so very proud to be your mama!

Hattie ready to go to her first day of PreK 3 class!

Sissy had to be in a picture, too, to show that she was there for moral support :).

You were so excited about your red apron.


shalonda said...

oh my goodness this makes me tear up....preschool?!?!? and she LOOKS like big girl too. glad sis was there for support (support for mama i am sure)

Team Tanneberger said...

Wendy starts on the 8th I believe. Isn't it CRAZY? I remember us at Christmas with our brand new babies in Christmas onesies on the floor, unable to roll away from us, and now our girls are schoolage!

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