March 24, 2009

My New Toy

Hattie was back at Mother's Day Out this morning after Spring Break last week, so I had the opportunity to play with the camera. Mary Ellen was my muse after her morning nap.

Have I mentioned that 7 months is my most favoritest age ever :)?!?!

I also took a picture of our yard that we spent this past weekend slaving over. Out with ugly, overgrown bushes. In with pretty new plants that I need to remember to water!

And, have I mentioned that Sean and I leave to go to New York for 6 whole days together late next week? Sean and I leave (and by leave I mean leave the babies, too!) to go to New York at the end of next week!!!! Don't worry, we are not leaving the babies alone. They'll be staying with the saint that is their Mimi.

I have never been to New York, so I'm excited, and probably the most exciting thing about the whole trip is that we are getting to go FOR FREE basically. Sean is going to be working for 3 of the 6 days, and the company is paying for me to tag along!

And since ya'll helped me out so much with the camera situation, I was wondering what are the "must-sees" of New York City? We are procrastinators and haven't looked into it at all. We've booked our flights and hotels and that's it. We only have 3 days to see the city together, and then I'll be flying solo for most of the other 3 days while Sean works, which means this country girl is going to stay pretty close to the hotel because I am way too chicken to venture out very far in the big, foreign city by myself. Our hotel is in Manhattan, really close to Central Park, so hopefully the weather will be nice enough, and I'll take a walk through Central Park, clutching my mace, and get coffee or something while Sean's at work. And shop. I plan to shop while Sean's working!

But for the bigger adventures on those 3 days we have, what are your fave spots in NYC?


Megan Blinka said...

your yard looks amazing...and have fun in New York, i can't wait to see picture :)

cheryl said...

you have to see a show... i suggest Wicked

Laura said...

We love New York have been a few times- 2 when we lived in Philly and 1 since we moved back to Houston. Definitely agree with Cheryl that we should see a show- pick something we know will be good/you'll enjoy. I love being in Central Park so you can spend a lot of time there and there's lots of shopping fairly close (look up H&M). Get a map and make sure you ask someone at the hotel or wherever to give you a "border" for what streets you want to be on and the ones you don't want to find yourself on especially by yourself. NYC is so huge that you probably won't wander to those places anyway but some friends told us not to go above a certain street as out-of-towners. =) Be prepared for cold weather!! We went two years ago in March and it is usually still very cold- layers and big coats. I love NYC- so jealous! Have fun being alone!

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