March 22, 2009

Getting to Know You.....

getting to know all about you - that song was going through my head when I was opening up my new camera. I'm a nerd, but you guys rock!!! Thanks for all the advice on which camera to get. We are loving our little pocket-sized canon powershot! I've been playing around with her, trying to learn how to use her. It's pretty easy, and I must say that I cheated. Sean read all the directions and then gave me the cliff-notes version. He rocks, too ;).

So, of course I want to share a few new pictures with my new camera. The girls played outside yesterday while we redid a front flower bed. They even got to wear their new swimsuits, and Hattie even ran around the sprinkler for a while. We are loving the warmer weather.

So here is big sister girl.

*asks me to paint her fingernails atleast once a day.
*still sucks her thumb.
*loves The Little Mermaid
* has such an imagination.
*won't take her nap about twice a week these days.
*is in bed and usually asleep by 7 pm.
*has become so klutzy lately.
*woke up with a dry diaper for the first time this morning!
*is growing up too fast for Mama's liking.

And here is little sister girl.

*has become so vocal in the last week or so. Shrieking is her new favorite past-time.
*is (dare I type it) finally sleeping through the night consistently.
*is wearing a size 18 month swimsuit. She's 7 months old. You do the math.
*has an infectious laugh.
*loves her big sister more than anything and anyone. That includes Mama :/.
*is becoming quite the mama's girl despite her love for Hattie.
*has started having stranger anxiety, especially with men.
*is my laid-back angel baby.
*is in bed and asleep by 6:30 most nights.


The Joiners said...

Ha I love the pic of Mary Ellen- too cute! Glad you're liking the new cam :) Can't wait to see more pics!

AKat said...

Love, love the pictures with the new Canon! Yay! There's a program called Picnik that's fun, too. Wait. I may have heard of that from a post you may have made about it!!! LOL Anyway, it's a free, fun editing place online. :)

shalonda said...

lol we are in 18 months too, lol!!!! okay i love that yoru sstill sucks her thumb also and please share yoru pitty training secrets we have digressed and are pretty much only peepee'ing in the potty once a day! ugh!!!!

wooohooo for a fab new camera

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