September 17, 2008

Ike Update

Well...Ike came and went. It left us with a fair amount of damage to our house and it left us without power.

During the storm we decided to stay at my Grandma Ruth's apartment because it is a very safe building. We listened to the storm winds all night in the dark of her living room. When we awoke we drove to our house. The winds of Ike blew open our patio doors and thus exposed our den to the elements. We ended up getting a good amount of water damage to our carpet and some furniture. I pulled out the damaged carpet, fixed the patio doors and locked up the house. At least its dry now. We also had some damage to our fence, garage doors and gutters.

We have been staying at Tutu and Popo's (Steph's parents) house in Rosenberg just south of Houston. They have power. Therefore we've been very fortunate and have been eating well. If it weren't for Tutu and Popo we would be waiting in those FEMA lines and eating military rations. We are very grateful for their help.

Our biggest prayer is for power to be restored in the city so that things "go back to normal." Also, please pray for those who have it much worse than us. We are very blessed to have family nearby who is willing to shelter us...many don't have that and are living in the dark.


mamatutwo said...

Praying for you and your family. I'm sorry to hear that you got so much damage. We're sitting without lights and good water, but we haven't had to leave.

lots_of_love_four_kids said...

keeping you all in prayer.

Sandra said...

So sorry to hear about the damage to your house, but glad you are all safe. You will be in our prayers along with all the others who were affected by Ike.

Lindsay Harrell said...

Hey guys,
I am sorry to hear about all the damage to your house but am glad that you are able to stay with family not too far away. I have been wondering about y'all and praying that you were safe.

Wisdom From the Pope

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