August 4, 2008

Full Term

I can't believe it, yet I feel every bit of being full-term now. I've had lots of contractions in the last week or so. It's all very familiar. I contracted for a good two weeks with Hattie before D-Day, so I am thinking Mary Ellen will be here in a week or so, but who knows?!?! I know no two birth stories are the same, but I also feel like there is no way I am making it to 40 weeks. Perhaps it's all wishful thinking, though........

This is what full-term pregnancy looks like on me. HUGE! I'm fairly short, so the belly has no where to go but out. It shocked me when I first uploaded this photo after taking it. I don't feel that big, but no wonder I get tons of comments daily that my due date must be close :).

My emotions are all over the place as I begin the waiting game. I am so excited to meet my newest daughter. I am so nervous about the birth, though. Much much more than I was with Hattie. Ignorance is bliss. Now I know what's coming. I've done this before. I have gone through moments of having tons of self-confidence that I will be able to handle a two year old and a newborn, but clouds of self-doubt linger in my mind, too.

Almost everything is ready and in place for Mary Ellen's arrival. So now we wait and wait, and I have to say that part of me is really cherishing and enjoying the waiting this time. I'm a ball of emotions and I'm uncomfortable, but I know once she arrives, I will miss the kicks and the movements. I will miss sharing my body in this way with her.........

Still, as each day comes and goes, Sean and I grow more impatient to meet this little one who is alreay loved so much!

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Megan B. said...

You will do GREAT! You have always been a very strong! I still can't believe that baby #2 is almost HERE!!!

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