May 2, 2008

We've decided........

to name our newest little girl Mary Ellen!!! Now, unless when we see her in a couple of months we have a change of heart, that'll be her name.

Tomorrow marks the 6 month mark of my pregnancy. I'm starting to feel it. In just the last two weeks or so, my stomach has become heavy to me. Our little girl now weighs a little over a pound, and I'm feeling every bit of it.

On my to do list for the next 15 weeks or so before Mary Ellen gets here is:
1.) Decorate and furnish Mary Ellen's nursery
2.) Decorate Hattie's "big girl" room
3.) Possibly potty train Hattie in June and July when I am no longer watching Gracen but won't have the new baby yet. We'll see when we get to June if I think she's ready. I'm seeing signs of readiness, but I'm a little nervous about it, too.
4.) Enjoy the short time I have left with just Hattie and me.
5.) Sleep as much as possible
6.) Get Hattie into our church's Mother's Day Out, which I am currently on the waiting list for. I have really prayed, prayed, prayed about this. She'll be just over two and part of me isn't ready for her to be out of the house 2 days a week, but a bigger part of me knows that this time will give me an opportunity to have some alone time with daughter #2, and I can see that Hattie is really ready for socialization. I want her in our church's mother's day out because I like the program, and it'll give me an opportunity to meet other moms with 2 year olds in our church, so I am content with her getting in there or just waiting until the spring when we'll try again. Plus, it's a lot of money, so if she gets in, we'll make it work, but if not, we won't have to pinch pennies as much. I really have prayed and thought about this a lot, y'all!

With all that being said, I am getting more and more eager for this little one in my belly to make her debut. I feel like time is dragging a little more now. The novelty of being pregnant is beginning to wear off; I know that we're having a girl, and I know what her name will be. Now I wanna see her and cuddle her and watch the relationship between my two daughters develop. But I also know that she still needs to cook a while longer, and I still have a lot to do before she gets here.

1 comment:

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I say potty train her NOW. I am sure she can do it, and her will is only gonna get stronger and stronger.

Ok, talk to you later, I'm off to change Eva Rose's diaper now (eye roll).

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