December 13, 2007


It's true. I'm pregnant. It hasn't exactly set in yet. I am so excited about this baby who we've dubbed Button. Hattie's nickname was Peanut, so we thought we had to come up with something equally as small and cute. So button it is!

I haven't even gone to the doctor yet. Won't go until Jan. 2nd for the first ultra-sound. That feels like light-years away. I think I'm due around mid-August. I wanted to keep our little button a secret for a while, but Sean convinced me that we should tell everyone, so that everyone will be praying for our little guy or gal. I can't really argue with that. Plus, I am so excited that I just want to shout I'm pregnant! from atop a big mountain. No mountains where we live, so the blog is a great alternative!

I just feel so many things right now: excitement, joy, nervousness, worry, thankfulness, EXHAUSTION, and amazement that this new little life is growing inside of me. This may be round #2 for us, but I am just as amazed and in awe of the miracle of life as I was when pregnant with Hattie. Thank you, Lord, for bestowing this blessing upon my body and my heart!


Lindsay Newcomer said...

Love the picture. It is totally frame worthy. And I think Button is really cute! Can Hattie say "sister" yet?

Missy said...

Knowing Hattie, she can probably say "Embryo at four weeks gestation".

Jamison said...

I am so excited for you guys....I have nothing cool to say, but I just wanted to tell you I am thrilled for you and the button in your tummy.

jay n tricia said...

What wonderful news!!Congratulations, to both of you!! I bet Hattie will be a wonderful big sister! ~Tricia

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