February 4, 2010

Why Do They Have to Grow Up So Fast?

These pictures were taken approximately one year apart.  Hattie's hair is so much darker; I didn't even realize, and I can't get over the baby face she still had last year.  All the while, I was thinking she was such a big girl.  I demanded so much from my then two year old baby girl.

And as much as Hattie's hair has darkened, Mary Ellen's has lightened.  The then baby has toddler written all over her face now.  Mary Ellen was just starting to sit up a little this time last year.  Now I just wish she would sit still for a little while every day.  She's all over the place.

They are growing up too fast for my liking!  I think I need to invest in some toothpicks to keep my eyes open 24/7 because if I blink, I might miss something.  And God knows, I don't want to miss a thing.

1 comment:

KatieLee Photography said...

See I told you Valentine's Pics would be ADORABLE!!!! They have changed sooo much! Toooo cute!

Wisdom From the Pope

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