September 21, 2009


The dress - $35
The babysitter - FREE (thanks, Aunt Brittany!)
The jewelry - $20
The shoes - $25
Getting to have a night out with my hunk of a husband - PRICELESS!

Can you tell I only bargain shop :)!?!?!

Yes, the night on the town was work related for my hunk. But the alcoholic drinks flowed like milk and honey, and the food was great. And the kids were AT HOME IN BED. And I was so proud to be on HIS arm all night. So I didn't mind. Nope. Not at all. We had FUN!


Tanya Dannhaus said...

I'm LOVIN that dress!!! Where did you find it???
And, btw - I refuse to pay full price for anything. It's ALWAYS will go on sale! :P

Sean and Stephanie said...

New York in Co. - the dress. Katy Mills Mall, like two weeks ago. I love that mall!

I'm like you. If it's not on sale, I don't buy it, unless it's just something I absolutely cannot live without right then, which is really, really rare.

Beth said...

Beautiful couple! So glad you could have a night out.

cheryl said...

You look fabulous, Stephanie!

AKat said...

Love the outfit! Love bargains! Love that you got a date night! You look gorgeous.

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