June 22, 2009

Father's Day Weekend.......

was very, VERY busy and dedicated to whatever Daddy wanted to do in our house.

First we enjoyed breakfast at Buffalo Grill, which is definitely our favorite place in town to get breakfast.

Then after naps Sean wanted to go to a golf course and hit balls while we cheered him on. It was HOT, but luckily they had a restaurant on the course, so we got some burgers and drinks to cool us off.
Happy Daddy:

The girls "cheering" for Daddy aka: playing with the dirt for entertainment while Daddy got his golf on.

Mary Ellen gets so red when it's hot. She's so fair! Luckily there was lots of shade.

Sean taught Hattie how to say, "It's hot like wasabi," from the lyrics of a certain song that was popular about 10 years ago. She said that ALOT on Saturday because it was so stinkin' hot.......... but I have regretfully had that song stuck in my head ever since. :/

Then Sunday I got up early to "help" the girls make Daddy breakfast in bed.

After church, we went out to lunch with Sean's family for Father's Day. We went to Magnolia Grill and had the best buffet lunch I have ever had. It was dreamy!!!!

Sean's mom and dad

Sean, sittin' between the babies - what a champ!

All the kiddies sat together at their own table. And they all did so well!!! No one acted like they were being raised in a barn, even though mine spewed her milk a few times, but once I reminded her that she is not a cow and should only drink the stuff, she returned to her civilized self. Three is DEFINITELY going to be more.......... challenging than two.

Before meltdowns ensued, we took our crew back to the house for naps and then proceeded to my parents for some more Father's Day fun.

My parents with all the grandbabies. This is seriously the best picture we could get.

Helping Popo open his presents:

It was a great weekend, but I am glad that not every weekend is that busy. I am bushed!

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Penny said...

It's the most amazing thing when your child can celebrate Fathers' Day or Mothers' Day in their own right! Wow! So pround of my children who are parents themselves!

Love! Mom

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