February 4, 2008

{19 Months}

Hattie's 19 months old today, and it's warm enough here that we went outside to do this to celebrate:

It was her first encounter with the sprinkler. At first, when I had it turned up really high, she said, "It's raining, Mama!" Then when I turned it down to her height she called it, "baby water," and went around picking up leaves and cleaning them in the water.

Change of subject: I can't believe Lent starts in 2 days! I've been really focusing on preparing for this season for the last week or so. I'll be back on Ash Wednesday to talk more about that.

My child is awake......gotta go rescue her from her crib.

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

Cute! "Baby Water"-loves it :)

Andrew said...

Stephanie, that picture with the sprinkler is really good -- captures a lot of excitement and motion. VERY nice, and extremely cute.

The Jasters said...

I love the joy and excitment shown in Hattie's face! Too cute! I can't wait to get the kids together this summer for some sprinkler fun. . .while the mamas sip lemonade and chit chat!:o)

Smartphone said...
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