August 8, 2007

Daddy's in Charge

Monday morning I awoke at about 4 a.m. with a TERRIBLE stomach virus. BLEH. So being that we have no family near us, Sean was forced to take a "my wife is sick" day. Since I was either in the bathroom or curled up in the fetal position on the bed, Sean was completely in charge of Hattie for the entire day. A first for him. Don't get me wrong, he helps out with Hattie alot when he's home, but he has never had complete responsibility of her for an entire day.
Needless to say, a day with Daddy looks a lot different than a day with Mommy.

1.) When Daddy's in charge, Hattie gets to watch XBOX (NCAA 2007 to be exact) on the t.v. for much of the afternoon.

2.) When Daddy's in charge, Hattie gets mac-n-cheese and oreos for lunch.

3.) When Daddy's in charge, Hattie's one outing for the day is to go to Target and check out the flat screens that are now on sale just in case Mommy is SO deliriously sick that she might actually agree it's time to upgrade.

4.) When Daddy's in charge, Hattie gets to wear her clothes on backwards.

Even though the day didn't go quite as I would have planned it if I were in charge, Hattie had a blast! She absolutely adores her Dadoo, and getting to spend an entire day with him was such a treat for her. And Sean - the next morning he called me from work and gushed and gushed about how cute Hattie was for him all day and how much he enjoyed spending his day with her.

I am a blessed mama. And thankfully I am well now, too, and a few pounds lighter - woohoo! Sean did get a mild case of whatever I had on Tuesday, but he feels fine now, and luckily Hattie hasn't gotten sick yet (and I pray she doesn't). I figure since the oreos and mac-n-cheese didn't give her the runs, then she's probably in the clear :0).


Lindsay Newcomer said...

What a fun day! (for Sean and Hattie-NOT you ;)) Glad that you're feeling better!

Missy said...

What is it about daddies putting clothes on backwards???? Even Shep and Eva Rose know that the label goes in the back. I think they do it on purpose.....

Cheryl Wimberly said...

that picture of Hattie with her clothes on backward is laugh out loud funny! What a fun day for the 2 of them - good memories!

glad you are feeling better!

Jared said...

Pretty funny stuff...Hattie won't have much longer to watch NCAA 2007...cause 2008 comes out later this month.

Andrew said...

I wonder if Sean could come here and watch ME for a day. It sounds like the greatest day ever, and I can even call him "Dadoo".

Laura said...

I enjoyed this post so much- I laughed the whole time! Very sweet of Sean to take the day off so you could at least stay in bed. Stomach viruses are so miserable...glad it only lasted a day!

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